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You need to be able to export your data to Excel, edit in Excel, and then, once the edits are completed, update the records in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your changes. Which two options require Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook to refresh the data in Microsoft Dynamics 365? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Export to Static Worksheet
B.    Export to Excel Online
C.    Export to Dynamic Pivot Table
D.    Export to Dynamic Worksheet

Answer: A

You are a sales person working in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web interface You want to create a view that you can use to segment your active customers by area, based on their physical address.
Which three steps must be followed to set up a personal view that you can use without having to create it each time? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Use Advanced Find to search both Accounts and Con
B.    Save your query, and give it a name.
C.    Export the query to Excel, and import it every time ydu need to use it
D.    Use Advanced Find to search for alt Account records that are active.
E.    Use Advanced Find to filter the records, based on the*r ZIP/Post code.

Answer: BC

You are working with a company to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their sales division. The sales manager wants all sales people to have the ability to be alerted when a recipient opens an email that was sent to them.
Which component of Microsoft Dynamics 365 should you use to manage this ability?

A.    Email Engagement
B.    Auto Capture
C.    Relationship Assistant
D.    Folder Level Tracking

Answer: A

You are a support specialist in charge of manag.ng a product catalog within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your company. You are asked to configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 so that management can analyze sales trends by product category. How should you meet this requirement?

A.    Create multiple product relationships.
B.    Create multiple product families.
C.    Create multiple product bundles.
D.    Create multiple product catalogs.

Answer: A

You are setting up a Product Catalog in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that has a series of products that have similar properties. When added to an Opportunity, the user should be required to make selections on these properties for the products. How should you set this up?

A.    For each of the products, add the Product Properties.
B.    Create a Price List add the Product Properties to the Price List and add the Products as price list items.
C.    Create the Products, then create the Product Family, add the Product Properties to the family, and add the products to the family.
D.    Create the Product Family, add the Product Properties, create the Products, and add the Family Hierarchy in the process.

Answer: C

An organization has many mobile users accessing Microsoft Dynamics 365 via phone or tablet. Microsoft Excel is not installed on the mobile devices. The organization wants lo enable their users to view detailed analytics with interactive slicers for ad hoc analysis for their customers and opportunities using only the web browser.
Which action should you recommend?

A.    Create the detailed analytics as an Excel Template, and instruct the users to download the template.
B.    Create the detailed analytics as a Dynamics Worksheet, and distribute it to the users.
C.    Create the detailed analytics as a Report and instruct the users to run the report when needed.
D.    Create the detailed analytics as an Excel Template, and instruct users to open the template with Excel Online.

Answer: A

You are a sales person using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You need to use the web client to show the outcomes of an Opportunity to your sales team. Which three types of information should you capture on a Resolution Activity related to a closed Opportunity? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    actual revenue amount from the Opportunity
B.    the status of the Opportunity, Won or Lost
C.    appointment activities
D.    phone call activities
E.    close date of the Opportunity

Answer: BC

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