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Which three encapsulations are normalized by the Cisco ACI fabric? (Choose three.)

A.    HTTP
B.    MPLS
C.    VLAN
E.    VxLAN
F.    GRE
G.    STT
H.    IPsec

Answer: CDE
http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/datacenter/aci/apic/sw/1-x/aci-fundamentals/b_ACI-Fundamentals/b_ACI_Fundamentals_BigBook_chapter_0100.html#concept_713CA5790FCA40C 48564D5BB19640602

Which customer requirement is supported by the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure?

A.    Storage area networking
B.    Cisco Data Center Interconnect
C.    Environments with both virtual and physical workloads
D.    ACI licensing charge per virtual machine
E.    OpenFlow

Answer: C

Which option determines packet forwarding in an Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure fabric?

A.    VxLAN
B.    VLAN
C.    IP subnet
D.    Policy model
E.    VRF

Answer: A

In which two ways can the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller push policies to the leaf nodes? (Choose two.)

A.    On demand (lazy)
B.    Immediate
C.    Static
D.    Programmed
E.    Scheduled

Answer: AB
When a virtual endpoint is discovered, the policy is pushed and programmed to the leaf nodes based on resolution immediacy and instrumentation immediacy, respectively. In both cases, there is an immediate and on-demand (default) option that is defined when the VMM is associated on Cisco APIC. The on-demand option conserves resources and uses the reserved space in the policy content-addressable memory (CAM) when needed.
Resolution Immediacy
The first option to push a policy is immediately. All policies (VLAN, NVGRE, and VXLAN), bindings, contracts, and filters are pushed to the leaf node when the hypervisor physical NIC (pfJIC) is attached. With the on-demand option, policies are pushed to the leaf node when the pPJIC and vNIC are attached to the port group (EPG).
Deployment Immediacy
Deployment immediacy defines when the policy is programmed in hardware. If the immediate option is chosen, the policies are programmed in the policy CAM after they are received by Cisco APIC. The on-demand option programs policies in the hardware policy CAM only when reachability is learned through the data path.

Which three types of system information are contained in the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller? (Choose three.)

A.    API status
B.    Policy configuration
C.    Discovered topology
D.    Operational status
E.    Agent configuration
F.    Policy enforcement

Answer: BCD

In the Cisco ACI fabric, which address is IP ARP packet forwarding based on?

A.    Multicast group VTEP
B.    Destination address contained within the ARP packet
C.    Spine proxy VTEP
D.    Leaf vPC VTEP
E.    Leaf VTEP
F.    Border leaf VTEP

Answer: B

In the three-node Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller cluster, how much data is lost when two APICs fail?

A.    0.66
B.    0.1
C.    0
D.    0.25
E.    0.33
F.    0.99

Answer: C

Which Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure component is responsible for policy instantiation?

A.    Database tier
B.    Logical model
C.    Leaf
D.    Application network profile
E.    Application tier
F.    Controller

Answer: D
http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/data-center-virtualization/application-centric-infrastructure/white-paper-c11-731860.html (see figure 10)

Which three statements about a controller based on imperative control are true? (Choose three.)

A.    User intent is captured and implemented.
B.    It uses abstract policies rather than a device-specific configuration.
C.    Knowledge of infrastructure device specific commands is needed to deploy applications.
D.    Set of device features is broad because scale is not an issue.
E.    Device features are limited.
F.    No knowledge of infrastructure device specific commands is needed to deploy applications.
G.    User intent is difficult to capture and implement.

Answer: CEG

With which option can the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller be configured?

A.    With the Cisco UCS Central interface
B.    With the Cisco UCS Manager GUI
C.    With the graphical user interface
D.    With the CLI
E.    With a service level agreement

Answer: D

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