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When EIGRP is used as the IPv4 PE-CE protocol, which two requirements must be configured before the BGP IPv4 address family can be configured? (Choose two.)

A.    the route distinguisher
B.    the virtual routing and forwarding instance
C.    the loopback interface
D.    the router ID

Answer: AB

Which three EIGRP packet types are valid? (Choose three.)

A.    open
B.    notification
C.    keep-alive
D.    hello
E.    query
F.    reply

Answer: DEF

Which term describes an EIGRP route that has feasible successors?

A.    active
B.    passive
C.    redistributed
D.    invalid

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. If EIGRP is configured between two routers as shown in this output, which statement about their EIGRP relationship is true?

A.    The routers will establish an EIGRP relationship successfully.
B.    The routers are using different authentication key-strings.
C.    The reliability metric is enabled.
D.    The delay metric is disabled.

Answer: C

Which type of OSPF packet is an OSPF link state update packet?

A.    type 1
B.    type 2
C.    type 3
D.    type 4
E.    type 5

Answer: D

If two OSPF type 3 prefixes have the same metric, and are within the same process, which prefix(es) are installed into the routing table?

A.    The route whose originator has the lower router ID.
B.    Both routes are installed.
C.    The route whose originator has the higher router ID.
D.    The first route that is learned.

Answer: B

Which OSPF feature supports LSA rate limiting in milliseconds to provide faster convergence?

A.    LSA throttling
B.    incremental SPF
C.    fast hello
D.    SPF tuning

Answer: A

Which two options are BGP attributes that are updated when router sends an update to its eBGP peer? (Choose two.)

A.    weight
B.    local preference
C.    AS_path
D.    next-hop

Answer: CD

Which BGP aggregate address configuration advertises only the aggregate address, with attributes inherited from the more specific routes?

A.    summary-only as-set
B.    as-set
C.    summary
D.    summary-only

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. If ISIS is configured utilizing default metrics, what is the cost for Router 4 to reach the network?

A.    1
B.    20
C.    30
D.    63

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which three statements about this configuration are true? (Choose three.)

A.    The default route appears in the global routing table.
B.    The static route appears in the VRF red routing table.
C.    The subnet is unique to the VRF red routing table.
D.    The static route is added to the global routing table and leaked from the VRF red.
E.    The subnet is unique to the global routing table.
F. is reachable using any of the addresses on the router where the static route is configured.

Answer: ABE

Refer to the exhibit. Which route type is displayed when you enter the command show ip route supernets-only on a device with this configuration?

A.    Connected
B.    OSPF
C.    RIP
E.    An empty route set

Answer: E

Which statement about passive interfaces is true?

A.    The interface with the OSPF passive interface configuration appears as a not-so-stubby network.
B.    The interface with the EIGRP passive interface configuration ignores routes after the exchange
of hello packets.
C.    The interface with the IS-IS passive interface configuration sends the IP address of that interface
in the link-state protocol data units.
D.    Passive interface can be configured on the interface for IS-IS.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which two routes are included in the route update? (Choose two.)


Answer: CD

Which two statements about the metric-style wide statement as it applies to route redistribution are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It is used in IS-IS.
B.    It is used in OSPF.
C.    It is used in EIGRP.
D.    It is used for accepting TLV.
E.    It is used in PIM for accepting mroutes.
F.    It is used for accepting external routes.

Answer: AD

You are tasked with configuring a router on an OSPF domain to import routes from an EIGRP domain and summarize the routes to
Which statement configures the summarized route and provides equal-path route redundancy?

A.    area 32 range cost 100
B.    area 32 range cost 100
C.    area 32 range cost 100
D.    area 32 range multi-path

Answer: A

Packets from a router with policy-based routing configured are failing to reach the next hop.
Which two additions can you make to the router configuration to enable the packets to flow correctly? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable ip proxy-arp on the exiting interface.
B.    Specify the next hop as an address.
C.    Specify the next hop as an interface.
D.    Add a match-any permit statement to the route map.

Answer: AB

Which two options are EIGRP route authentication encryption modes? (Choose two.)

A.    MD5
B.    HMAC-SHA2-256bit

Answer: AB

Which technology facilitates neighbor IP address resolution in DMVPN?

A.    CEF
B.    mGRE
C.    a dynamic routing protocol
D.    NHRP

Answer: D

Which two are features of DMVPN? (Choose two.)

A.    It does not support spoke routers behind dynamic NAT.
B.    It requires IPsec encryption.
C.    It only supports remote peers with statically assigned addresses.
D.    It supports multicast traffic.
E.    It offers configuration reduction.

Answer: DE

Refer to the exhibit. What is wrong with the configuration of this tunnel interface?

A.    ISATAP tunnels cannot use the EUI-64 address format.
B.    No tunnel destination has been specified.
C.    The tunnel source of an ISATAP tunnel must always point to a loopback interface.
D.    Router advertisements are disabled on this tunnel interface.

Answer: D

Which two statements are true about a 6to4 tunnel connecting two IPv6 islands over the IPv4 Internet? (Choose two.)

A.    It embeds the IPv6 packet into the IPv4 payload with the protocol type set to 51.
B.    It works by appending the private IPv4 address (converted into hexadecimal format) to the 2002::/16 prefix.
C.    It embeds the IPv6 packet into the IPv4 payload with the protocol type set to 41.
D.    It works by appending the public IPv4 address (converted into hexadecimal format) to the 2002::/16 prefix.

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. What will be the IP MTU of tunnel 0?

A.    1500
B.    1524
C.    1476
D.    1452
E.    1548

Answer: C

On an MPLS L3VPN, which two tasks are performed by the PE router? (Choose two.)

A.    It exchanges VPNv4 routes with other PE routers.
B.    It typically exchanges iBGP routing updates with the CE device.
C.    It distributes labels and forwards labeled packets.
D.    It exchanges VPNv4 routes with CE devices.
E.    It forwards labeled packets between CE devices.

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement describes what the authoritative flag indicates?

A.    Authentication was used for the mapping.
B.    R1 learned about the NHRP mapping from a registration request.
C.    Duplicate mapping in the NHRP cache is prevented.
D.    The registration request had the same flag set.

Answer: B

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