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Which two statements about transparent bridging operations are true? (Choose two.)

A.    A bridge builds its MAC address table dynamically using the spanning-tree protocol.
B.    A bridge operates at the data link layer.
C.    A bridge sends unknown unicast frames out on all ports except the incoming port.
D.    A bridge forwards traffic based on the destination IP address.
E.    All the ports on the bridge belong to the same collision domain.

Answer: BC

Which two statements are correct regarding routing protocol authentication? (Choose two.)

A.    MD5 authentication can only be established between Internal BGP peers.
B.    Authentication can be established using keychains on one peer and MD5 hashing on the other.
C.    UDP port 179 is used for BGP session authentication.
D.    MD5 passwords are never sent to a peer.
E.    Routers authenticate each routing update packet received.
F.    BGP peers can be configured with different passwords.

Answer: DE

Which two statements about classful or classless routing protocol operations are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Classful routing protocols do not send subnet mask information with their routing updates.
B.    Variable-length subnet masks are supported when using classful routing protocols.
C.    Examples of classless routing protocols include RIPv1, EIGRP, OSPF, and IS-IS.
D.    Classful routing protocols do not support discontiguous subnets.

Answer: AD

When two or more different routes exist to the same destination that have been learned from two different routing protocols, what does a router use to determine the best route?

A.    routing protocol metric
B.    administrative distance
C.    hop count
D.    path cost
E.    local preference

Answer: B

What is the default spanning-tree mode of an NNI port on a Cisco ME3400 switch?

A.    multiple spanning tree (mst)
B.    per-vlan rapid spanning tree (rapid-pvst)
C.    per-vlan spanning tree (pvst)
D.    IEEE 802.1D (stp)

Answer: B

What is the term that refers to a device that has no Customer Equipment directly connected to it in a Service Provider network?

A.    Provider Edge Router
B.    Customer Edge Router
C.    Non-customer Edge Router
D.    Provider Router
E.    Provider Edge Provider Router

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Host 3 on Network A is sending data to Host 8 on Network B.
Which address is the default gateway of Host 3?

A.    The address of the switch interface that is connected to router interface Fa0/0
B.    The address of the switch interface that is connected to router interface Fa0/1
C.    The address of the host that is connected to Network A
D.    The address of the host that is connected to Network B
E.    The address of the router interface Fa0/0
F.    The address of the router interface Fa0/1

Answer: E

The PE and CE interfaces are in the UP/UP state. The junior Network Engineer has validated Layer 3 functionality by pinging the adjacent interface, however the customer is unable to access the provider network. What should be your next troubleshooting step?

A.    Validate that the encapsulation method is utilizing Point-to-Point Protocol
B.    Validate that the destination customer network is in the correct VRF
C.    Validate that the circuit clocking is inaccurate and needs to be synchronized on both sides
D.    Check the physical connection between both devices to ensure stability
E.    Identify incorrect RADIUS configuration is present on the PE device
F.    Check that an access-list is mis-configured on the loopback 0 interface and needs to be corrected

Answer: B

What are two differences between WAN and LAN? (Choose two.)

A.    The customer has explicit control of their own WAN.
B.    The customer can modify the service provider route distinguishers.
C.    The customer has explicit control of their LAN.
D.    The customer is aware of the infrastructure within the WAN.
E.    WANs will differ from LANs with attributes such as latency and distance.

Answer: CE

Which of the following correctly pairs the dotted decimal subnet mask with the correct number of binary bits that represent the subnet mask?

A. and /25
B. and /28
C. and /26
D. and /27
E. and /28
F. and /16

Answer: E

What are two benefits of a star network topology? (Choose two.)

A.    Disruption of the entire network is not required when adding new machines.
B.    Any problem which leaves the network inoperable can be traced to the central hub.
C.    This network type requires less cable as compared to linear bus topology.
D.    The performance of one of the numerous nodes cannot reflect on the performance of other nodes.
E.    The performance of the entire network is directly dependent on the performance of the hub.

Answer: AB

Which is a valid IPv6 Link Local address?

A.    FF00::1
C.    FE80::1
D.    FE70::1

Answer: C

What is the size difference in bits between an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address?

A.    128
B.    100
C.    98
D.    96
E.    32

Answer: D

Given the subnet of, which subnet range will make the most efficient use of the address block for connecting to customer edge devices?


Answer: B

Given a ring topology, which loop prevention mechanism provides the fastest reconvergence time after a link failure?

A.    Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol
B.    Resilient Ethernet Protocol
C.    Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
D.    Spanning Tree Protocol

Answer: B

Which three of the following components must be elected before the Spanning Tree Protocol can converge in a switched LAN? (Choose three.)

A.    Designated ports
B.    Alternate ports
C.    Converged ports
D.    Root bridge
E.    Root ports
F.    Backup ports

Answer: ADE

What two commands enable port security and allow the switch to dynamically learn the connected MAC address? (Choose two.)

A.    switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security
B.    switch5(config)#switchport port-security
C.    switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address sticky
D.    switch5(config)#switchport port-security mac-address sticky
E.    switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address dynamic
F.    switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address auto

Answer: AC

According to RFC 2080, which routing protocol is compatible with IPv6?

A.    RIPv2
B.    OSPF
C.    RIP-NG
D.    EIGRPv6
E.    OSPFv2

Answer: C

A customer uses OSPF as their Customer Edge routing protocol and remote sites are reporting in the routing tables. What is most likely the mis-configuration in the redistribution?

A.    Improper route summarization on CE router
B.    Incorrect network statement
C.    Incorrect K value configured
D.    Configuration missing subnets key word
E.    Stub network is sending summarized routes

Answer: D

The network administrator is using a Windows PC application that is called putty.exe for remote communication to a switch for network troubleshooting.
Which two protocols could be used during this communication? (Choose two).

A.    SNMP
B.    HTTP
C.    Telnet
D.    RMON
E.    SSH

Answer: CE

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