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Where do you create a communication channel template?

A.    In Enterprise Services Repository
B.    In the Integration Directory
C.    In the System Landscape Directory
D.    In the Runtime Workbench

Answer: A

Which tasks do you have to perform to enable service consumption in a consumer application? (Choose two)

A.    Configure a business object in the consumer application.
B.    Create a usage profile for service consumption.
C.    Generate and configure a consumer proxy.
D.    Implement the service call within the consumer application.

Answer: CD

After you have activated an integration process, you check the transaction SXI_CACHE. A return code is displayed for your integration process that is unequal to 0.
What do you check to solve this issue? (Choose two)

A.    Whether the status of the process signature is set to incomplete
B.    Whether the activation log file contains error messages
C.    Whether the Customizing is complete (transaction SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING)
D.    Whether the event trace is switched on (transaction SWELS)

Answer: BC

How do you develop a SAP NetWeaver PI proxy?

A.    Design a service interface in the Integration Directory and generate the proxy in the back end.
B.    Develop a proxy in Enterprise Services Repository and set the proxy port to 8080.
C.    Set a function module to “RFC-enabled” and configure an RFC-enabled proxy adapter.
D.    Design a service interface in Enterprise Services Repository and generate the proxy in the back end.

Answer: D

Why would you use message mapping rather than XSLT mapping?

A.    Only message mapping can be used in operation mapping
B.    Only message mapping offers the capability to integrate Java methods.
C.    Only message mapping can be developed outside the SAP NetWeaver PI development environment
D.    Only message mapping is part of the SAP NetWeaver PI development environment

Answer: D

You have selected the delivery mode Without Buffering for your integration process.
What do you have to consider in order to avoid the process type-specific queue going into a SYSFAIL state?

A.    You have to use configurable parameters in order to specify the queue name.
B.    You have to enable correlation for the integration process.
C.    The process instance cannot use correlations to collect messages from different communication components.
D.    The process instance must provide an open receive step when the message is handed over to the Business Process Engine.

Answer: D

Which of the following adapters uses polling to retrieve messages from the sender communication component?

A.    HTTP
B.    JMS
C.    RFC
D.    SOAP

Answer: B

You use SAP NetWeaver Process Integration on a dual-stack system. You want to configure asynchronous communication between two systems using different service interfaces. A high message throughput is essential for your business scenario.
Which of the following is the recommended way to achieve this?

A.    Use the direct connection object.
B.    Use XSLT mapping technology.
C.    Use the integrated configuration object.
D.    Use the integration process object.

Answer: C

Which SAP NetWeaver Process Integration component belongs to the design-time area? (Choose two)

A.    Enterprise Services Repository
B.    SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
C.    SAP NetWeaver Administrator
D.    Business Process Engine

Answer: AB

On which design object are Mapping Templates based?

A.    Message Type
B.    Data Type
C.    Context Object
D.    Service Interface

Answer: B

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