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What does a watch point allow?

A.    To define user-specific variables
B.    To detect changes in a field
C.    To define static breakpoints
D.    To change values automatically

Answer: B

What is a purpose of using the subroutine technique in ABAP programs?

A.    To improve the performance of a program
B.    To build up a hierarchy of functions within a program
C.    To encapsulate functions for multiple re-use within a program
D.    To make a function available across the system

Answer: C

What is the correct definition of an “internal table” as used in ABAP programming?

A.    It is a database table in an ABAP program.
B.    It is an index table in an ABAP program.
C.    It is a variable in an ABAP program.
D.    It is embedded in another table in an ABAP program.

Answer: C

Your customer wants to migrate from an old legacy system to SAP ERP. The databases in both systems are modified. What is an advantage using the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) for the migration?

A.    It provides standard interfaces for all fields in a data migration.
B.    It provides standard interfaces for all tables in a migration.
C.    It supports migration of data and enhanced programs.
D.    It supports Batch Input, Call Transaction, and Direct Input to migrate data.

Answer: D

Which elements in an SAP application can be personalized?

A.    Print parameters and application help
B.    Universal Worklist and print parameters
C.    Universal Worklist and system time
D.    Application help and system time

Answer: B

Your customer has implemented sales order management using all available scenarios in SAP ERP. They plan to extend their business processes by using SAP CRM. For which scenario do you advise them to use CRM?

A.    Contract Management
B.    Inquiry Management
C.    Opportunity Management
D.    Quotation Management

Answer: C

A system user can execute a certain set of SAP queries and requires running another existing query. How do you enable the request?

A.    Assign the appropriate authorization to the user.
B.    Assign the user to the respective user group.
C.    Assign the user to the respective query.
D.    Assign the appropriate authorization to the respective user group.

Answer: B

Which statement is correct regarding QuickViewer and DataBrowser?

A.    The Data Browser allows viewing the content of data structures.
B.    The QuickViewer allows viewing the content of only 1 database table at one time.
C.    The QuickViewer allows joining database tables and viewing the result.
D.    The Data Browser allows manipulating the content of global variables.

Answer: C

What are advantages of transaction variants?

A.    They enable system client specific screen variants.
B.    They provide a screen sequence control.
C.    They require new transaction codes for standard variants.
D.    They can help to simplify the complexity of screens and transactions.

Answer: D

Your customer asks you to provide a transaction variant for the “billing due list” using selection variables. Which selection variable types are supported? (Choose two)

A.    Dynamic date calculations
B.    Dynamic time calculations for free delimitation
C.    Table variables from invoice header level
D.    User specific values

Answer: AD

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